Table 2

Evaluation of DA according to 12 IPDAS criteria

Qualifying criteria: criteria to be defined as decision aidDescribes the conditionxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
States the decisionxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Describes optionsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Positive featuresxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Negative featuresxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Describes what it is likexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Certification criteria: criteria to lower the risk making a biased decision*Equal detailsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Provides citationsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Publication datexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Update policyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Levels of uncertaintyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Funding sourcexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
IPDAS score
Qualifying criteria, n out of 6666666666666666666666666666666666
Certification criteria, n out of 6444332536646666666654124126443343
  • *Qualifying criteria were also inclusion criteria for these studies. See online supplemental material 3 for details of IPDAS evaluations of the 18 tools that did not meet the six qualifying criteria.

  • DA, decision aid; ID, decision aid identification number; IPDAS, International Patient Decision Aid Standards.