Table 1

Characteristics of studies included in the systematic review and meta-analysis

Author and yearCountryTime of samplingMean age (years)Sample sizePatients with NTMStudy designMethod of detectionNTM (%)
McShane et al 201252USA2009–2011≥181069RSSputum culture8.5
Xu et al 201453China2009–201247.43857431RSSputum culture11.2
Guan et al 201554China2012–201344.61445PSSputum culture3.5
Kadowaki et al 201555Japan2008–20127314726RSSputum culture17.7
Izhakian et al 201656Israel2006–20146433929RSBronchoalveolar/lavage cultures8.6
Faverio et al 201647Italy2006–20146516232PSBronchoalveolar/sputum culture19.8
Buscot et al 201657France2002–201261.01967RSSputum/bronchoalveolar lavage culture3.6
Dimakou et al 201658Greece2009–201460.52052PSSputum culture1.0
Sin et al 201919Korea2005–201659.669571740RSSputum culture25
Pieters et al 201959Netherland2012–2016601206RSSputum culture5.0
Huang et al 202060China2002–201665.58385304RSSputum culture3.6
Darwish et al 202061Egypt;2017–201855.2403PSSputum PCR7.5
Sharif et al 202062Pakistan2017–2019NA1962PSSputum culture1.0
Yin et al 202163China2018–20206220247RSSputum/BAL culture23.3
  • AFB, acid fast bacillus smear; BAL, bronchoalveolar lavage; MBC, mycobacteria culture; NA, not available; NTM, non-tuberculous mycobacteria; PS, prospective study; RS, retrospective study.