Table 4

Likelihood of experiencing mental health complaints in the past 2 weeks of systemic glucocorticoid (GC) users (n=222) and inhaled GC users (n=557) compared with controls

Likelihood ratio testSystemic GC vs controlsInhaled GC vs controls
X2P valuePFDROR95% CIP valueOR95% CIP value
Depression10.60.00490.00491.761.25 to 2.438.2e-41.100.87 to 1.380.43
Disinterest10.90.00430.00491.841.29 to 2.565.1e-41.060.82 to 1.360.64
Tenseness13.40.00120.00251.781.29 to 2.413.0e-41.160.92 to 1.430.19
Tiredness32.49.2e-83.7e-71.901.45 to 2.504.4e-61.351.14 to 1.606.3e-4
  • Calculated using logistic regression analysis, adjusting for age, sex, and education. P values in bold are statistically significant after Bonferroni correction for family-wise error rate of two tests (p<0.025).

  • PFDR, Benjamini-Hochberg false discovery rate corrected p values.