Table 4

The change of physical activity level (presurgery to 4 weeks postsurgery)

Before surgery M (SD)First interview M (SD)Second interview M (SD)Third interview M (SD)P for time
VPA (min/week)0000N/A
MPA (min/week)41.0 (113.4)0012.3 (54.1)0.07
Total PA (min/week)142.6 (167.6)49.8 (61.6)*96.1 (175.4)142.6 (161.9)0.02
Walk (min/week)204.4 (208.0)142.1 (165.3)173.1 (139.1)222.9 (166.4)0.1
  • Total physical activity = (minutes of MVPA at week) + (minutes of leisure-time MVPA) + (minutes of transportation PA).

  • *P<0.05 vs baseline total PA.

  • MPA, moderate physical activity; M (SD), mean (SD); NA, not available; PA, physical activity; VPA, vigorous physical activity.