Table 2

Primary and secondary outcomes

OutcomeALMANACH facilitiesControl facilitiesUnadjusted effect estimate95% CI for unadjusted effectAdjusted effect estimate95% CI for adjusted effect
Recovery after 7 days84999485.4%60384571.4%RR1.201.14 to 1.26
OR2.341.87 to 2.96OR2.631.60 to 4.32
Referral to hospital9610099.5%268613.0%RR3.252.12 to 4.96
OR3.482.24 to 5.41OR3.931.89 to 8.14
Diagnosis communicated to caregiver81196684.0%55785565.1%RR1.291.22 to 1.36RR*1.271.13 to 1.42
Follow-up advice given to caregiver59696661.7%17985520.9%RR2.952.56 to 3.39RR*2.762.12 to 3.58
Parenteral antimicrobial treatment†16496617.0%808559.4%RR1.811.42 to 2.33
OR1.981.41 to 2.63OR2.421.00 to 5.85
Oral antimicrobial treatment62096664.2%63685574.4%RR0.860.81 to 0.92
OR0.620.50 to 0.76OR0.400.22 to 0.73
Any antimicrobial treatment74596677.1%69085580.1%RR0.960.91 to 1.00
OR0.810.64 to 1.01OR0.670.39 to 1.17
Parenteral antimalarial treatment12096612.4%598556.9%RR1.801.34 to 2.42N/A
Oral antimalarial treatment47696649.3%49085557.3%RR0.860.79 to 0.94N/A
Parenteral antibiotic treatment569665.8%258552.9%RR1.981.25 to 3.15N/A
Oral antibiotic treatment29096630.0%29185534.0%RR0.880.77 to 1.01N/A
Antibiotic and antimalarial treatment18996619.6%16868719.6%RR1.000.83 to 1.20
OR0.990.79 to 1.25OR0.870.41 to 1.85
Suspected malaria708118.6%7755713.8%RR0.620.46 to 0.85N/A
Confirmed malaria52581164.7%36355765.2%RR0.990.92 to 1.08N/A
Pneumonia598117.3%55570.9%RR8.103.27 to 20.06N/A
Diarrhoea11881114.5%465578.3%RR1.761.28 to 2.43N/A
Malnutrition578117.0%75571.3%RR5.602.57 to 12.17N/A
Anaemia318113.8%35570.5%RR7.102.18 to 23.10N/A
  • *Adjusted rate ratio from negative binomial regression (see statistical analysis).

  • †Eight observations not used due to separation (combinations of covariates predicting the outcome perfectly).

  • ALMANACH, ALgorithm for the MANAgement of CHildhood illness; N/A, not applicable; RR, risk ratio.