Table 1

Characteristics of all included studies

CharacteristicValueProportion (%)
Count of eligible Studies415100
Registration Status
Primary purpose
 Prognosis/quality of Life194.6
 Health services research10.2
Multicentre research
Recruitment status
 Not yet recruiting13332.0
 Suspended, terminated or withdrawn215.1
Suspended research348.2
Estimated enrolment
 Median (IQR)120 (240)
 Min, Max0, 29 000
No of arms
 2 arms28468.4
 3 arms5914.2
 4 arms317.5
 5 arms51.2
 6–10 arms256.0
 More than 10 arms112.7
 Suspected or close contact of confirmed patient81.9
 Single/double blind12630.4
 Open label12530.1
 Not stated16439.5
Count of primary outcome
 More than 5 primary outcomes348.2
 Median (IQR)2 (2)
 Min, Max0, 23
 Total no of primary outcomes1048
Count of secondary outcome
 Median (IQR)4 (6)
 Min, Max0, 32
 Protocol only133.1
 Report only7317.6
 Both protocol and report71.7