Table 1

Examples of Common Data Elements

Type of CDEDefinitionExample of CDE
General coreRecommended for all NIH-funded studies: generalC00031: race expanded category
Disease-specific coreRecommended for all NIH-funded studies: disease specific (TBI)C01001: Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)—motor response scale
Basic*Recommended for all TBI NIH-funded studies: specific to subdiseases (eg, epidemiology and moderate/severe: rehabilitation)C07155: Disability Rating Scale Total Score
SupplementalRecommended for NIH-funded studies: specific to study design or type of researchC07145: JFK Coma Recovery Scale-Revised—total score
  • *Basic CDEs are comparable to supplemental-highly recommended CDEs for other diagnostic categories.

  • CDEs, Common Data Elements; NIH, National Institutes of Health; TBI, traumatic brain injury.