Table 1

GP registrar participant background characteristics

DemographicsSurvey sampleInterview sample
State11 SA, 13 Vic, 3 NSW6 SA, 6 Vic, 3 NSW
Gender11 male, 23 female6 male, 9 female
Classified as Modified Monash Model (MMM) score of 2–748*
10 (MMM 2–6)6 (MMM 2–6)
International medical graduates54
Years since medical school graduationRange: 4 to ≥16
Median: 6
Range: 4 to ≥16
Median: 6
Experienced community lockdown for >1 month147
Involved in COVID-19-positive patient care85
Impacted by delayed fellowship examinations2011
Failed to meet inclusion criteria70
  • *MMM classification of location coded cities as MMM=1, with rural locations coded as MMM 2–7, with the most remote locations coded as MMM=7.

  • GP, general practice; NSW, New South Wales; SA, South Australia; Vic, Victoria.