Table 1

Key topics covered in workshop

TopicBrief description of content
  1. What is overdiagnosis and what drives it.

  2. Types and examples of conditions overdiagnosed.

Key drivers of overdiagnosis
  1. Expanding disease definitions.

  2. How disease definitions are defined (not fixed in nature but defined by professionals).

  3. Screening and early detection.

Conflicts of interest
  1. Conflicts of interest are widespread across medicine.

  2. Why conflicts of interest matter.

  3. Media coverage often fails to disclose conflicts of interest.

Study types and strength of evidence
  1. Strengths and limitations of different study designs.

  2. Preliminary findings (conference abstracts, preprints) vs peer reviewed literature.

Misleading medical statistics
  1. Absolute versus relative risks, how relative terms can mislead by exaggerating benefits.

  2. Misleading statistics and biases regarding screening tests, that is, survival rates, lead time bias, length time bias.