Table 4

Illustrative quotes from free-text responses

Key findingIllustrative quote from participants in the pilot study
Topics interesting and relevant‘Really interesting info, from great experts who articulated the issues really well. Covered points that are very important to my role, and will assist my reporting’
Valued the opportunity to attend the workshop, appreciative of workshop goals‘Great job pursuing this—you are on the right track. To reach journos who don’t already know this stuff will be hard because they won’t necessarily be interested’
‘Grateful for the opportunity and happy to be involved further if needed’
Difficulty digesting concept of overdiagnosis, a counterintuitive and confronting topic‘The idea that screening is good and early diagnosis is good is embedded into our culture. Challenging this idea with the excellent resources you provided in the workshop is confronting’
‘I think you need to step people through the concept of overdiagnosis and how disease thresholds can be moved to get more people on treatment despite lack of evidence of benefits’
Desire for more interaction and discussion‘There wasn’t enough time for questions, and journalists typically have many!’
‘Perhaps some more interactive parts, like the press release exercise at the start’
Contrasting views re length of workshop‘I’d suggest a full day and allowing more conversation among reporters’
‘Lots more to discuss but realistically this is probably the time that people can dedicate to it. So, it’s about right’
Suggestions for improvement‘It might be useful to have some advice from the journalists in your panel, if they have any, about how to ask the right questions (in an interview) to tease out potential bias and problems, and how to best include that information in a story.’
‘Would obviously be great to do in person’
‘The stuff about lead and length time bias was fascinating, and would really sink in better with more examples (which takes more time)’