Table 2

The use of face masks in general and in the OSCE

Face masks, in general, are useful.1.581.082.672.131.921.34<0.001
A face mask has a negative impact on my well-being.4.191.764.911.354.541.56>0.05
Wearing a face mask causes physical symptoms (eg, headaches, getting less air, etc).4.681.635.470.954.791.68<0.05
Wearing a face mask interfered with conducting the anamnesis.3.681.734.701.344.761.56<0.001
Wearing a face mask interfered with performing a physical examination during the OSCE.3.811.655.331.044.441.80<0.001
Face masks have a negative impact on the academic grade.4.031.644.931.865.001.58<0.001
  • *Items presented are from the students’ questionnaire version; SPs/examiners had respective corresponding items (eg, ‘Wearing face masks interfered with the students conducting the anamnesis’).

  • OSCE, observed structured clinical examination; SP, standardised patient.