Table 1

Table showing the distribution of the study participants

Participant roles/affiliationsNumber of participants
MoPH heads of departments5
Epidemiologists and academics4
Members of the parliamentarian health committee3
Representative of Internal Security Forces1
Former minister of public health1
NGO representatives3
COVID-19 national committee member1
Representative of the National social security fund1
Head of a medical committee at the order of physicians1
Representative of the order of nurses1
Representative of the syndicate of hospitals1
Representative of the syndicate of laboratory owners1
Representative of the syndicate of biologists1
Representative of the Lebanese pharmaceutical importers association1
Lebanese red cross (LRC) representative1
Public hospital representatives3
Private hospital representatives4
Doctors in public hospitals2
Doctors in private hospitals3
Nurses in public hospitals1
  • MoPH, Ministry of Public Health; NGO, non-governmental organisation.