Table 2

Search term strategy used in electronic databases

  • 1. Population and settings.

“long-term care setting*” OR “nursing home*” OR “residential care setting*” OR “Residential facilit*” OR “institution care” OR “nursing care” OR “nursing facilit*” OR “continuous care”
  • 2. Intervention/phenomena of interest.

Faller* OR “accidental fall*” OR falling OR falls OR slip* OR “fall prevention” OR “falls prevention”
Prevent* OR reduc* OR minimi* OR decreas* OR interven*
  • 3. Outcome

Feasib* OR sustain* OR adopt* OR accept* OR appropriate* OR fidelity OR implement* OR uptake* OR adher* OR facilitat*OR barrier* OR accessib* OR penetrat* OR mechanism* OR mediat* OR driv*
Combination with Boolean operators1 AND 2 AND 3
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