Table 1

Data collection fields

1.Sociodemographic information: NHI, gender, age, ethnicity, usual residential address, occupation
2.Description of presenting complaint (narrative)
3.Date and time of SH
4.Date and time of hospital presentation and discharge
5.How the patient arrived at the hospital (ambulance/police/own transport)
6.Did the patient present with self-injury, self-poisoning, suicidal ideation
7.Location of SH (home/public place)
8.How did the patient harm themselves (record verbatim)
9.Was alcohol and/or an illegal substance involved
10.Did the patient make a statement of intention to die
11.Problems/difficulties associated with the current episode of SH or suicidal ideation
12.History of exposure to SH and suicide among peers/family
13.Prior history of SH
14.Referrals to specialist services such as social worker, ICU
15.Referral for mental health assessment during this episode
16.Did this episode lead to a hospital admission
17.Discharge location from ED
18.For cases of self-poisoning, name, amount, strength and source of substance used (Codes/categories available on request)
  • ED, Emergency Department; ICU, Intensive Care Unit; NHI, National Health Index; SH, self-harm.