Table 2

Themes and questionnaires in the type II data collection

Exposure to traumatic eventsCategories adapted from the CIHQ41
Psychological/somatic symptomsPTSD symptoms from the ITQ and a single stress item
PresenteeismTwo questions on presenteeism:
‘How many days have you gone to work, although you were sick or not feeling well during the last three months? (0 days, 1–4 days, 8–14 days, more than 15 days)’
‘Overall, how likely is it that you go to work although you are ill? (Very unlikely, unlikely, neither/nor, likely, very likely)’
Participation in formal support initiatives?‘Have you received debriefing or other professional counselling?’
  • CIHQ, Critical Incident History Questionnaire; ITQ, International Trauma Questionnaire; PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder.