Table 2

Travel experiences of respondents stranded abroad during COVID-19

Time stranded abroad(1341)
 <1 month896.6
 1–2 months916.8
 2–3 months1289.5
 3–5 months987.3
 >5 months85363.6
 No wait826.1
Number of flight cancellations/changes(1245)
 Not applicable31925.6
 0 changes15212.2
 1 cancellation or delay24519.7
 2 cancellations or delay19615.7
 3 cancellations or delay14711.8
 4 cancellations or delay655.2
 5 cancellations or delay312.5
 >5 cancellations or delays907.2
Experiences while trying to return(1245)
 Limit on the number of people who could enter the country74059.4
 Inability to book a flight67153.9
 Flight cancellation66015.3
 COVID-19 testing requirements prior to flying28122.6
 Separation from family/companion17213.8
 Visa issues14711.8
 Delays during transit443.5
Current situation(1245)
 Booked a flight/waiting for flight availability35726.6
 Unable to return but have decided to stay35226.2
 Returned to country of residence after delays32324.1
 Returned to country of residence after being stuck in transit141