Table 3

Financial and employment characteristics of respondents stranded abroad during COVID-19

Addressing financial stress(n/836 responses)% of respondents (n=1127)
 Received financial support from family or friends35431.4
 Borrowed money from a bank585.1
 Personal savings474.2
 Accessed emergency financial support from the organisation or services in the country you were stuck433.8
 Received financial support from employer393.5
 Applied but did not receive a government loan393.5
 Early withdrawal of superannuation272.4
 Received a government loan to cover living costs141.2
 Received a government loan to cover the cost of a flight home80.7
 Received financial support from an insurance company60.5
Current employment situation(1250)
 Working now for pay62056.0
 Unable to work due to disability or illness181.6
 Stay-at-home parent/caregiver847.6
Employment change while abroad(n/717 responses)% of respondents (n=1127)
 Worked remotely12310.9
 Lost job11910.6
 Contract not renewed696.1
 Reduction of hours635.6
 Stood down, not working for pay, but not fired454.0
 Pay cut322.8
 Back in paid work312.8
 Not working but receiving government assistance272.4
 Increase in hours181.6