Table 1

Overall participant characteristics stratified according to whether they contracted COVID-19

VariablesTotal n=1163COVID-19 n=127No COVID-19
Test statisticSignificance
(p value)
Sex ratio (F:M)667:49474:53594:441 Embedded Image (4)=0.400.982
Mean age, years (SD)44.08 (5.57)43.66 (5.64)44.14 (5.56)F(1, 1071)=0.590.444
BMI, kg/m2 (SD)24.72 (3.97)24.74 (4.00)24.72 (3.97)F(1, 1071)=0.020.90
Smoking status, N (never: current: past smoker)654:110:10293:10:12561:100:90 Embedded Image (2)=2.380.304
N of household contacts with COVID-191115358 Embedded Image (1)=127.94<0.0001*
N of work colleagues with COVID-1927949230 Embedded Image (3)=27.3<0.0001*
  • *Indicates p≤0.002, significant difference with Bonferroni correction.

  • BMI, body mass index.