Table 2

Intervention timetable

Welcome and introductions20 min
Session 1How do you feel about cancer screening?
  • Short video of older Muslim woman’s personal experience of breast, colorectal and cervical cancer screening in the UK (5 min).

    • Discussion about cancer screening, experiences and views regarding what women may find challenging in small groups (three to four participants) (20 min) led by peer educators.

25 min
Session 2Cancer screening information
  • Short talk from female health professional about what breast, colorectal and cervical cancer screening entails and what to expect (10 min).

  • Question and answer session on cancer screening led by the healthcare provider (10 min).

20 min
Break10 min
Session 3Patient experiences of cancer
  • Short videos with two Muslim women who had cancer found by screening and treated, sharing their stories (5 min each).

10 min
Session 4How can your faith help with cancer screening?
  • Short talk from female religious scholar offering an Islamic perspective on health and cancer screening (20 min).

  • Discussion with the entire group on faith-based messages led by female religious scholar (10 min).

30 min
Finish5 min