Table 2

Definition of borderline resectable pancreatic cancer18

Borderline resectableUnresectable
Coeliac arteryTumour without encasement or abutmentTumour contact >180°
Superior mesenteric arteryTumour abutment ≤180°Tumour contact >180°
Superior mesenteric vein (SMV)/portal vein (PV)Tumour abutment of SMV/PV>180° or abutting ≤180° with irregularity of the vein ±thrombosis with anatomical structures that still permit safe and complete resection with vein reconstructionSMV/PV unreconstructible secondary to tumour involvement or occlusion
Common hepatic arteryReconstructible short segment abutmentUnreconstructible interface between tumour mass and vessel
  • Adapted from Callery et al.18