Table 1

Characteristics of original studies

NumberAuthorPublication yearRegionSample sizeMean ageTool for social supportQuality score (NOS)
1Jarso and Likasa412020Harar41239.4Not clearly defined8
2Gebre et al422020SNNP26043.8Perceived social support7
3Engidaw et al82020A.A40346.6Oslo-3 item7
4Habtewold et al292016A.A26443.9Not clearly defined8
5Abate312019Amhara41645.5Perceived social support8
6Zelalem302016A.A36747.3Not defined7
7Necho and Tsehay322020Amhara42138.0Oslo-3 item8
  • A.A, Addis Ababa; NOS, Newcastle-Ottawa Scale; SNNP, Southern Nation, Nationality and People.