Table 1

Survey items related to study outcomes, including response options

ItemResponse options
Psychological impacts
Over the past week, how often have you felt
  • nervous or ‘stressed’ because of COVID-19?

  • alone or lonely because of COVID-19?

Never/some of the time/most of the time/all of the time
Social impacts
Do you have a partner (eg, wife, husband, or someone you are in a romantic or sexual relationship with)?Yes/no
COVID-19 has changed my relationship with my partnerVery negative effects/some negative effects/no effects/some positive effects/very positive effects
Do you have any children aged less than 18 years?Yes/no
Since the pandemic started…
  • I or another family member spends more time looking after my child/children

  • My child/children are less physically active

  • My child/children are finding school harder

  • My child/children have more screen time

  • My child/children spend less time with their friends

Strongly agree/somewhat agree/neither agree nor disagree/somewhat disagree/strongly disagree
Financial impacts
Has your employment status (work) changed because of COVID-19?Yes/no
How did your employment status (work) change because of COVID-19?Have a new job/lost job/stood down (not working for pay, but not fired)/pay cut/reduction in hours/not working but still being paid/other
I worry about the financial problems I will have in the future as a result of the COVID-19 pandemicNot at all/a little bit/somewhat/quite a bit/very much
I am able to meet my weekly expensesNot at all/a little bit/somewhat/quite a bit/very much