Table 1

WSA core components—training and activity summary

ComponentTarget stakeholdersTraining contentNumber of modulesWho conducts the trainingDelivery mode and duration
School leadership support and trainingSchool administrators
Board of management
Parent teacher associations
Lunch and Learn training guide
Value-based life skills manual
ICS-SP staffSchool lunch breaks
KE: Five 1 hour sessions over 5 consecutive days
TZ: Six 2–3 hour sessions spread across 6 weeks
Teacher and support staff training and skills development staffTeachers and non-teaching school staffLunch and learn training guide
Value-based life skills education manual
ICS-SP staffSchool lunch breaks
KE: Five 1 hour sessions over 5 days
TZ: Six 2–3 hour sessions over 6 weeks
Life skills and values education for learnersPrimary school students through children’s clubsValue-based Life skills education curriculum13ICS-SP staff - trains mentors and teachers
KE: Mentors—train children
TZ: Teachers—train children
Safe spaces community level
Child parliaments
KE: 5 days for mentors
TZ: 13–16 weeks for pupils (flexible depends on school capacity)
Parents and caregiver engagement and trainingParents/caregiversSkillful parenting project manual9ICS-SP staff—trains community facilitators
Community facilitators—train parents/ caregivers
Community sensitisation activities
Parental peer groups
Home visits
Community facilitators (6 days-skillful parenting and 5 days family budgeting)
13–15 weeks (parents/caregivers)
Community partnerships and child protection mechanismsCommunity members, leaders and local government officials involved with child protection
KE: Area Advisory Councils (AAC)
TZ: Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC) Protection Committees
Child protection toolkit
Community strategy engagement guideline
Country-specific child protection systems guidelines
VariableICS-SP staff
Government staff
Workshops—6 days training (Tz)
*Community sensitisation meetings (three times during the intervention period)
*Depending on funding
  • ICS-SP, Investing in Children and their Societies—Strengthening Families & Protecting Children; WSA, whole school approach.