Table 3

Measures reported in outbreak reports

Ensure medical care for cases947.37
Isolation and/or quarantine842.11
Containment vaccination842.11
Notification of responsible authorities631.58
Reduction of influx of people315.79
Mass quarantine210.53
Improvement of regular medical care210.53
Transfer of cases to hospital210.53
Reducing contacts of inhabitants within the facility210.53
Measures to protect vulnerable groups210.53
Contact tracing210.53
General vaccination campaign210.53
Monitoring of positively tested individuals210.53
Education of physicians and/or staff about the disease210.53
Development of an outbreak contingency plan15.26
Social distancing15.26
Intersectoral cooperation15.26
Transfer of inhabitants to other facilities15.26
Classification of inhabitants according to treatment needs15.26
Modification of regular services (such as counselling)15.26
Call for additional support from outside agencies15.26
Postexposure prophylaxis15.26
Prevention of infections using multivitamin preparations15.26