Table 2

Measures of infection control mentioned in guidelines and recommendations

Social distancing1376.47
Isolation and/or quarantine1376.47
Ensure medical care for cases1058.82
Mass quarantine847.06
Development of outbreak contingency plans847.06
Reducing contacts of inhabitants within the facility741.18
Intersectoral cooperation741.18
Ensuring continuity of regular medical care635.29
Transfer of inhabitants to other facilities529.41
Measures for protection of labour529.41
Respecting basic humanitarian standards423.53
Inviting inhabitants’ participation423.53
Reduction of influx of people423.53
Release of inhabitants from the facility423.53
Modification of regular services (such as counselling)317.65
Development of protocols for the handling of cases317.65
Contact tracing317.65
Measures to protect vulnerable groups317.65
Outbreak response team317.65
Ensuring adequate provision for quarantined inhabitants211.76
Development of guidelines specific for this setting211.76
Outbreak detection211.76
Transfer of cases to hospital211.76
Accommodation in single rooms211.76
Call for additional support from outside agencies15.88
Vaccination campaign15.88
Classification of inhabitants according to treatment needs15.88
Development of plans for how to keep up provision of inhabitants in case of many sick leaves among the facility’s employees15.88
Assess the risk of outbreaks for the specific facility15.88
Notification of responsible authorities15.88
Improvement of regular medical care15.88
Pay attention to refugees in national plans15.88