Table 1

Manual components

Stage 1Stage 4
What’s happened to your lungs?Staying fit and your hobbies
Exercise: How to get fitterYour relationships
Setting your goalsDealing with setbacks
Managing your stress - part 1Sex and your lungs
Your emotionsBreathe easy
Controlling your breathingConclusion
Information about your medication
Stage 2Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and appendix
How to stay fitFrequently asked questions
Managing days when you feel unwellSetting your walking speed
Saving your energyHelp for carers
Diet and feeling unwellAdvice about oxygen
Advice for clearing your chestSmoking: advice on giving up
Stage 3Cleaning your breathing devices
How to get strongerSpare walking diaries
Managing your stress—part 2Spare strength training diaries
Healthy eating
Travelling and your lung disease