Table 1

Key terms for social protection interventions and policies

Types of social protection programmesSpecific programmes/policies or synonyms
Social assistanceSocial transfer, public works programme, fee waiver, housing support, housing benefit, housing subsidy, public housing, welfare, social policy, social assistance, social security, food stamp, food assistance, food aid, in-kind transfer, disability benefit, family allowance, child benefit, income benefit, income supplement, income support, income maintenance, cash transfer, income security, basic income, guaranteed income and cash-like transfers
Social careSocial care, family support, childcare, eldercare, residential care and home care
Social insuranceUnemployment insurance, employment insurance, pension, sickness benefit, income benefit and injury compensation
Labour market programmesMinimum wage, (earned) income tax credit, maternity benefits, active labour market, employment service, wage subsidy, vocational training, job-search services and work sharing
Other related termsAusterity, deaths of despair and poverty reduction