Table 3

Factors which influence decision-making

1Consent requested by patientSo I guess, for me, I wouldn’t necessarily be against it being recorded if I was aware of it and consenting, and it was an agreed thing. (P01)
2Purpose and use of the recordingIf there’s a clear reason and a clear purpose, I guess, then I’m all for it. (P13)
3Confidentiality of patient, clinician, or other patientsWe made it very clear, especially in a busy gym environment, that they can only record if there weren’t other patients present in the background. (P20)
4Type and predictability of encounterYeah I think [giving] instructions, it’s pretty black and white, and I’m happy. But the other ones are more about like where it’s reasoning and then that’s a little bit more of your own clinical decision-making and your own clinical reasoning, and that’s what I don’t want on record. (P15)
5Risk and safety/value considerationsI always think about what the risks are first and then make decisions from that. (P12)
6Suitability and feasibility of alternative modes (including audio vs video recording)I will offer the families the CD first and foremost, because we have a system for giving them the images. If they say, ‘Oh I just want to show Dad tonight, I don’t think I can wait to pick up the CD next time I’m in,’ generally that’s when the radiographer will give consent. (P14)
7Personal factors, such as personal disposition, values, beliefs and usual behavioursI’m set in my ways about what is okay and what isn’t okay, but they’re based on my values and my feelings and my – because of my – the years of practice, not necessarily because that’s the way it is or should be. (P05)
8Clinician–patient relationship considerationsIt depended on the relationship I had with the person. I think that’s the biggest thing. (P07)
9Clinical confidence and competenceI understand as a new grad or when you’re very fresh new or if you had a difficulty expressing those concerns, that would be really hard to say no. (P03)
10Deferred consent and corruption of hospital policiesSomeone else in the room said, ‘Well actually no you can’t,’ and then that was it. (P04)