Table 1

Participant and interview characteristics

Participant IDGenderExperience
SettingInterview length (min)
PTGP01Female>20Local GP practice43
PTGP02Male4Local GP practice41
PTGP03Female>20Local GP practice44
PTGP04Male>20Local GP practice64
PTGP05Male19Local GP practice29
PTGP06Male>20Local GP practice37
PTGP07Male>20Local GP practice71
PTGP08Male14Local GP practice61
PTND01Male17Local ND service66
PTND02Female>20Local ND service64
PTND03Female13Local ND service58
PTND04Female>20Local ND service64
PTND05Female14Local CAMHS69
PTND06Female13Lifespan Autism Service65
PTND07Male3Child autism service55
PTND08Female10Tier 4 CAMHS62
PTND09Female19Tier 4 CAMHS53
PTND10Female10Tier 4 CAMHS58
PTND11Female16Tier 4 CAMHS48
PTND12Male6Tier 4 CAMHS54
PTND13Female>20Tier 4 CAMHS43
PTND14Male>20Tier 4 CAMHS55
PTND15Female4Tier 4 CAMHS61
PTND16Male4Local CAMHS63
PTND17Female>20Local ND65
  • .CAMHS, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services; GP, general practitioner; ND, neurodevelopmental.