Table 1

Fonofale framework mapped to themes and codes

Fonofale framework elementsThemesCodes
Family/community floor/foundationFamilySocial enabler, collective support, social support
Physical well-being pouPhysical healthImproved physical health, healthier behaviours, helps with daily activities
Mental well-being/motivation pouMental healthMental health, motivation, motivational
Spiritual well-being pouSpiritual healthSpiritual benefit, valued qualities of BBM, way of life
Other aspects of well-being (sexuality, age, gender, social class) pouOther aspects which impact healthNot a gym, not just exercise programme, nutrition and healthy living education, personal benefits, other benefits such as job
Culture roofCultureCultural connection, culture of BBM, inclusive welcoming, no judgements, no excuses, availability of regression exercises
Environmental surroundingsSurroundsAccess, class size, online support
Time/temporal setting surroundingTimeHaving time to engage, timing of classes
Contextual surroundings (socioeconomic, political, legal contexts)ContextCosts, food bank and other services, barriers, positive and negative effects of COVID-19
  • BBM, Brown Buttabean Motivation.