Table 3

Multivariate logistic regression model estimating the association between COVID-19-related concerns and vaccine hesitancy

VariableEstimateSEP valueOR95% CI
Partially adjusted models*
 Health concerns−0.8610.040<0.00010.4230.3910.458
 Personal financial concerns0.3410.031<0.00011.4061.3241.493
 Social and economy concerns−0.0350.0420.3940.9660.8911.047
Fully adjusted models†
 Health concerns−0.7800.043<0.00010.4580.4210.499
 Personal financial concerns0.2900.035<0.00011.3361.2481.429
 Social and economy concerns−0.0640.0460.16330.9380.8581.026
  • *Partially adjusted for sex, age, ethnicity/race and survey/time point.

  • †Fully adjusted for sex, age, ethnicity/race, and survey/time point, education, employment status, annual household income, health risk condition, essential worker, healthcare worker, parental status, history of influenza vaccine and COVID-19 test result.