Table 2

Summary of subthemes for ‘in your experience or clinical practice what factors would you consider as barriers to implementation of the dermatology curriculum’

SubthemesNumber of commentsQuotes (examples)
Clinical teachers/ staffing5Lack of Dermatologists in local hospitals where students do "Medicine' attachments (during which Dermatology experience is meant to be gained)
Unwillingness to teach
Not sure if there are barriers … just need time to ask the questions and immerse myself in the all the proposed changes - and to make contact with the leads and offer help to develop the programme the offer from district general hospitals
Curriculum/ medical school5Dermatology is dealt with reasonably well because we were responsible in curriculum design but enlargement of student numbers and difficulty in concur
Pressure on the curriculum
The BAD curriculum is rightly ambitious and comprehensive, but it cannot be delivered when the medical school only allows a x day clinical placement. On the other hand, with currently available clinical resources in dermatology in the region, and levels of willingness to take students in clinic, it would be difficult to increase the duration.
UG lead2Less SPA time for teaching UG
Lack of time for dermatology educators. My job plan has 0.25 SPA which is for undergraduate and post graduate education support. I am TPD for dermatology trainees as well at my hospital.
Clinical pressures3Overbooked clinics
Long waiting lists
Workload volume
  • UG, undergraduate.