Table 1

Search strategy for PubMed

#1(clopidogrel OR Prasugrel OR Ticagrelor OR dual antiplatelet OR dual-antiplatelet OR P2Y12 receptor inhibitor OR p2y12 receptor antagonist OR p2y12 Inhibitor OR p2y12-inhibitor OR P2Y12 inhibit* OR P2Y12-Inhibit* OR platelet aggregation inhibitor* OR thienopyridine OR ADP receptor blocking agent OR ADP receptor antagonist OR ADP-receptor antagonist OR Adenosine diphosphate receptor antagonist OR ADP-Receptor* OR ADP Receptor* OR Purinergic P2Y Receptor Antagonists [MeSH))
#2(cabg OR cardiac surgery OR coronary artery bypass OR Coronary artery surgery OR coronary surgery OR Coronary bypass surgery OR heart surgery OR “on pump” OR on-pump OR Coronary revascularization OR Coronary revascularisation OR myocardial revascularization OR myocardial revascularisation OR
((coronary OR cardiac) AND (bypass OR surgery OR surgical OR operation OR operative)) OR Coronary Artery Bypass [MeSH] OR myocardial revascularization [MeSH))
#3(bleeding OR bleed* OR hemorrhage OR hemorrhag* OR haemorrhage OR haemorrhag* OR barc OR Blood loss OR Blood Loss, Surgical [MeSH] OR hemorrhage (MeSH Terms))
#4#1 AND #2 AND #3
#5#4 AND July 2013–November 2021
#6#5 AND English