Table 2

Examples of quotations supporting findings

ThemeQuotation (reference)
Working conditionsThe … responses highlighted … that incessant bleeps and lack of cross cover can sometimes make it impossible to take proper breaks.38
Support and relationshipsUK trainees’ satisfaction in relation to their training programme was positively and significantly affected by the level of clinical supervision …, which is the explaining variable showing the strongest effect …50
Learning and developmentMost trainees agreed that there were several factors limiting learning opportunities, including time pressures, large volume of patients, frequent interruptions, lack of follow-up of cases …55
Lack of flexibilityThe most popular scenario [to encourage direct entry to specialty following foundation training] was for trainees to have more control over their geographical location, jointly following by the ability to secure leave to get married and to take time out of training programme activities.3
OutcomesThere was also a sense of loss of autonomy, with participants feeling a sense of self-sacrifice and ‘helplessness’. One even described ‘Feeling like some greater power is in control of your life the whole way through’.39