Table 2

Item loadings derived from exploratory factor analysis (maximum likelihood estimation)

DomainsItems18–6465+OverallTime 2
Emotion suppressionI bottled up my negative feelings0.670.720.710.68
Alcohol useI needed alcohol to help me unwind0.440.450.480.37
Somatic symptomsI had unexplained aches and pains0.560.590.580.63
AggressionI overreacted to situations with aggressive behaviour0.690.740.710.30
AngerIt was difficult to manage my anger0.750.740.750.65
Drug useUsing drugs provided temporary relief0.360.440.420.44
Risk-takingI stopped caring about the consequences of my actions0.630.620.650.80
Variance explained (%)36.0439.0838.82
Cronbach’s alpha0.680.710.72
Correlation with MDRS-220.940.940.94
Short form re-test reliability0.720.690.71
M (SD)5.93 (4.04)3.57 (3.39)4.84 (3.93)
  • Note: Time 2 loadings derived using confirmatory factor analysis in the combined sample.

  • All correlations were significant at p<0.001.