Table 1

Canadian Obstetric Survey System (CanOSS) Feasibility Study—linking study objectives and research questions with study outcomes

ObjectiveResearch questionOutcome
1. Feasibility outcomes1. Quantitative
  1. Existence of a system for reviewing SMM.

  2. Nature of the system and the variation between regions.

  3. Willingness to share data on SMM, regionally, provincially, or nationally, through direct data entry into a web-based platform.

2. Barriers to data sharing2. Qualitative
  1. Barriers, challenges, perspectives, concerns and suggestions, obtained through thematic analysis.

3. Leading causes of SMM3. Quantitative
  1. Top five causes of SMM.

  2. Variations in perceived causes of SMM between and within regions, provinces and territories.

4. Resource utilisation4. Mixed-Methods
  1. Estimate of resources required for ongoing collection of granular data on SMM as part of the Canadian Obstetric Survey System (CanOSS).

  • SMM, Severe maternal morbidity.