Table 5

Qualitative analysis of Delphi survey round 2

'What is your first language?’ 'interpreter required? Y N Highly relevant n=7 Quite relevant n=2
Clarity3‘Missed data without appropriate communication’
'Where do you sleep most frequently? How long have you been staying there? The streets Train Car Crisis or emergency accommodation/shelter/refuge Staying with family or friends Caravan Hotel/motel Hostel Boarding house Other: Specify Highly relevant n=8 Quite relevant n=1
Access to healthcare3‘May give insight into access to healthcare within the area they sleep, that is, crisis emergency accommodation etc’
'What is the total time you have ever lived on the streets or in emergency accommodation?’ Days Weeks Months Years Highly relevant n=4 Quite relevant n=2 Somewhat relevant n=3
Length of homelessness2‘I think one night is just as significant as multiple. Identifies vulnerability either way.’
Insight to general health3‘Highly relevant—Can potentially tell you lots about a person’s general level of health.’
Posing question1‘In my experience this question would be incorporated in the question above. about living/sleeping conditions.’
‘In the past 6 months, how many times have you: Received healthcare at an Emergency Department? Taken an ambulance to hospital? Been admitted to hospital? Spent time in prison or under Police custody?’ Highly relevant n=6 Quite relevant n=2 Not relevant n=1
Accuracy of self-reporting2‘In my experience I’m not sure how many clients would be able to answer his accurately and therefore how useful it would be to us.’
Access to healthcare2‘Can give some idea of how unwell/vulnerable a person may be, information about help seeking, hope, motivation, goals, etc.’