Table 2

Characteristics of included studies in the systematic review and meta-analysis

Serial noFirst author and study yearRegionStudy designSampling techniqueSample sizeResponse rateGood food handling practice (%)
1Abdi et al, 201713Addis AbabaCSSRS39495.227.4
2Tessema et al, 201323AmharaCSCensus40694.452.5
3Chekol et al, 201816AmharaCSSRS41698.640.1
4Yenealem et al, 201926AmharaCSSyRS21495.566.4
5Legesse et al, 2015 15SNNPRCSSRS3839932.6
6Henok et al, 201820AmharaCSSRS42310049.6
7Lalit et al, 201524TigrayCSSRS36996.953.1
8Melese et al, 201717AmharaCSSRS28810046.5
9Admasu and Kelbessa, 201828Benishangul-GumuzCSSRS35510067.8
10Gizaw et al, 201414AmharaCSSyRS40310030.3
11Meleko et al, 201420Addis AbabaCSCensus30210047.7
12Adane et al, 201429AmharaCSSyRS11685.972
13Nigusse and Kumie, 201125TigrayCSSRS27797.563.9
14Derso et al, 201327AmharaCSSRS41798.867.6
15Lema et al, 201918AmharaCSSRS39497.846.7
16Azanaw et al, 201821AmharaCSSRS3388849
  • CS, cross-sectional; SRS, simple random sampling; SyRS, systematic random sampling.