Table 1

Timepoints of data collection

Patient characteristicsDataTimepoints
Hospital stayDailyHospital discharge30 days6 months
Pre-ICU data

 Medical backgroundPre-arrest neurological functionX
Charlson Comorbidity IndexX
Measurement of pre-arrest Clinical Frailty Score (1–9)X
 Hospital admissionSOFA score on admission (without neurological subscore)X
First ABG available after ROSCX
ICU dataTemperatureXX
Arterial blood gases (every 4 hours)XX
Haemodynamic (mean arterial pressure and HR)XX
Ventilator settings: PEEP, tidal volume, PplatXX
FOUR Score: eye response, motor response, brainstem score and respiratory scoreXX
SOFA score (without neurological subscore)XX
Adverse eventsXX
If trial intervention has been discontinued, time of discontinuation and specified reasonXX
If active intensive care is withdrawn, specify reasonXX
If dead, specify presumed cause of death, cardiac, cerebral or otherXX
Results of the clinical neurological examinationXX
The stated prognosis from the blinded examiner, dichotomised as poor outcome likely (yes/no), based on the definition in the trial protocol and which criteria are fulfilledXX
Post-ICU dataICU dischargeX
Hospital dischargeX
Days of mechanical ventilationX
Ventilator-free daysX
  • ABG, arterial blood gas; HR, heart rate; ICU, intensive care unit; mRS, Modified Rankin Scale ; PEEP, positive end-expiratory pressure; Pplat, plateau pressure; ROSC, return of spontaneous circulation; SOFA, sequential organ failure assessment.