Table 2

Summary of themes and subthemes

Key themesSub-themesAdditional quotes
Social supportSupport networks….because I've got a good support network. It’s like I've got (name of lay carer), I've got a couple of other friends, you know, that if I'm feeling, you know, like, at night time, they’d rally round. P3
I've got family close by so that’s why I moved here.…I go to them…Because if they keep coming to see me, I’ll not want to go out and that’s why I’ll not go out. So, I went yesterday afternoon to see her and I've got another sister up there. P9
I'm more assertive and, like, ‘this is why we've come to see you, this is what the issue is’ and whatever, so it’s being directed – Daughter of P 7
Social isolationWhen I’m really ill, I can’t leave the house, I can’t leave my bedroom, I can’t go anywhere, I can’t do anything. So yeah, then I avoid it and then sometimes I might get a doctor to get come out here or just to tweak my medication over the phone and then my parents go and pick up some more medication for me or something like that. P14.
but the thing with tablets, you see, you go on tablets for your nerves and I’d experienced it I mean, I didn’t talk to people for over ten years hardly, after my son died, I was on nerve tablets and I never spoke, I was a complete introvert, people couldn’t communicate… I had no life, I had no joy in my life, I had no spirit, you know what I mean? – P 2
Self management challengesHealth literacyI'm not very clever, so I went round the corner for the day and I used to – went to learn to read and write. I can read a bit still, not well, but I don't go now because they stopped it. And I used to enjoy going there. so it used to get me out of the house. P10
Because then when I go to hospital to see a doctor to talk medical terms and to me it’s like jig-saw and its pieces are missing I think. P15
Before the last visit, I didn’t realise I was using my reliever more often than I should have done. Now they’ve changed it to an all in one, the reliever and the other one P12
Interplay of poverty and disabilityExpense and physical difficulties travelling to review appointments and getting out of house
Because I have to get a taxi to go then I get a taxi back. – P 9
I'm currently DLA (Disabled Living allowance) but I've just been to a face to face interview for changing over to Personal Independence Payment…I’ve never worked. P12
SmokingI'm going on my own situation and some people I do know – when you’ve got mental health problems, it’s like because you're deep in thought or you're trying to achieve something or you're not trying to achieve something or escape, you can't control your emotions, your feelings, your tensions and a cigarette sort of stops you from shouting at somebody, you know?… I've tried stopping smoking again and I can't do it… P 2
I prefer to smoke….Because I've nowt else in my life but smoking…I've always been told what to do and what not to do and smoking’s something I choose to do on my own. P 8
Service accessibilityContinuity of careI mean, the doctors have changed because they’ve retired, but I've got a really good young GP, they call her Dr X. – P 5
Dr Y’s very understanding, he’ll start the conversation off first and I find it – my other doctor, Dr M, I found it right easy talking to him – P 8
It seems they don't really talk to each other about what’s coming up or look on the screen, just see the words on the screen rather than the patient themselves, the whole person. P12
Urgent careI don’t know, so Asthma, if I get like all bit restless about Asthma and that kicks off like a bit of a panic attack and then that’s sort of where the Bipolar comes in. When I get into that kind of a state I don’t know which one comes first. But I just know that when I do get breathless it’s exceptionally breathless and we have to phone for an ambulance P14
Since January, so that’s in the last sixteen weeks, we've had an ambulance out four times. She’s been nebulised and left at home twice and she’s been admitted twice to have her oxygen levels monitored, so they put her on oxygen and both times it was because of an onset of an infection which made things worse. Daughter of P 10
When I was really ill my husband phoned the doctor and he sort of came not long after and I got my care straight away. They got me nurses and that together, you know, that dealt with this and they were really positive. – P 1
Navigating complex care pathwaysWith mental health, there’s nothing, there’s only my doctor, I feel sorry for him because I know that – because when I go down to see him, there’s loads of my kind what’s already there waiting to see him too who suffer with mental illness. He’s not just dealing as a doctor, he’s also dealing as a psychiatrist and as a nurse and everything all in one and if you're in a right tizwas, he’s got to try and calm you down. And same if you’ve got asthma problems, he helps me with that too, you know, he’s always checking. I don't get a chance to sit down with him and that because he’s always on the rush with me, you know, checking that I'm alright. I’m very grateful…P12