Table 1

Demographics and clinical characteristics of patients with COVID-19-associated pneumothorax in ICU and without pneumothorax

Baseline characteristicsCOVID-19- associated pneumothoraxCOVID-19 not associated with pneumothorax
Age (mean±SD) years55.1 (±12.7)NA
 Gender n (%)NA
Male72 (96%)
Female3 (4%)
Ethnicities n (%)NA
 Nepalese14 (18.7%)
Bangladeshi10 (13.3%)
Pakistani9 (12%)
Indian10 (13.3%)
Filipino10 (13.3%)
Qatari6 (8%)
Syrian2 (2.6%)
Sudani3 (4%)
American2 (2.7%)
Indonesian1 (1.3%)
Irani2 (2.7%)
Others6 (8%)
Height (median IQR) cm168 (164 to 170)NA
Weight (median IQR) Kg75 (65 to 85)NA
BMI (mean±SD) kg/m227.2 (±3.9)NA
Comorbidities n (%)NA
HTN22 (29.3%)
T2DM21 (28%)
CVA3 (4%)
CAD3 (4%)
COPD1 (1.3%)
Asthma5 (6.7%)
TB1 (1.3%)
CKD3 (4%)
HIV0 (0%)
Malignancy5 (6.7%)
Vitals at admission to ICU
Temperature (median IQR)36.9 (36.6–37.8)NA
Heart rate (mean±SD) bpm101 (±21.3)NA
MAP (mean±SD) mm Hg93.1 (±14.1)NA
Respiratory rate (median IQR) breaths/min30 (26 to 34)NA
SOFA score (median IQR)2 (2 to 4)NA
SOFA score (mean±SD)2.92 (±1.75)4.3 (±4)
Pneumonia severity index (median IQR)77 (65 to 96)NA
APACHE II score (mean±SD)8.8 (±2.9)13.5 (±6.4)
Pneumonia on chest XR n (%)70 (93.3%)NA
Inotrope use during ICU stay n (%)73 (97.3%)NA
  • APACHE II, Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation II; BMI, Body mass index; CAD, Coronary artery disease; COPD, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; CVA, Cerebrovascular accident; HTN, hypertension; ICU, intensive care unit; MAP, mean arterial pressure; MENA, Middle East and North Africa; NA, not available; SOFA, Sequential organ failure assessment; TB, Tuberculosis; T2DM, Type 2 diabetes mellitus.