Table 5

Treatment, the outcome of COVID-19-associated pneumothorax and outcome of patients with COVID-19 without pneumothorax

Outcome/treatmentCOVID-19-associated pneumothoraxCOVID-19 not associated with pneumothorax
Side of pneumothorax N (%)NA
Bilateral12 (16)
Left21 (28)
Right42 (56)
Chest tube insertion n (%)59 (78.7)NA
Duration of a chest tube (median IQR)8 (4–18)NA
Recurrences n (%)7 (9.3)NA
Length of ICU stay (days)
(Median +IQR)28 (20.5–45.8) days14(±20.5) days
(Mean±SD)39.2 (±32.9) days
Length of NIV after developing pneumothorax (days) (median IQR)4 (3.5–15) daysNA
Length of IV after developing pneumothorax (median IQR)13 (6–32) daysNA
Need for tracheostomy n (%)33 (44%)NA
No of days in ICU before developing pneumothorax (median IQR)15 (6–23) daysNA
Time elapsed from first COVID-19 PCR to development of pneumothorax (days) (median IQR)21 (13.5–32) daysNA
Time to negative COVID-19 PCR (days) (median IQR)28 (24–42) days
(maximum 138)
In-hospital mortality n (%)40 (53.3)236 (13.1)
  • ICU, intensive care unit; IV, invasive ventilation; NA, not available; NIV, non-invasive ventilation.