Table 3

AA-specific patient-reported outcomes

Alopecia areata
(PRO measure for eye irritation) Please rate how irritated (eg, itching, stinging, burning or dry) either of your eyes have been in the past 7 days, n(%)
 My eyes have not been irritated828 (55.65)
 My eyes have been a little irritated436 (29.30)
 My eyes have been moderately irritated153 (10.28)
 My eyes have been severely irritated71 (4.77)
(PRO measure for eyelashes) Look at your upper and lower eyelashes on both your eyes. Please rate your eyelashes, as they look today, n(%)
 I have full eyelashes on each eyelid481 (43.61)
 I have a minimal gap or minimal gaps along the eyelids203 (18.40)
 I have a large gap or large gaps along the eyelids64 (5.80)
 I have no or barely any eyelash hair355 (32.18)
(PRO measure for eyebrows) Look at the hair in both of your eyebrows. Please rate your eyebrows, as they look today, n (%)
 I have full eyebrows on each eye412 (37.25)
 I have a minimal gap(s) or a minimal amount of thinning in at least one of my eyebrows180 (16.27)
 I have a large gap(s) or a large amount of thinning in at least one of my eyebrows114 (10.31)
 I have no or barely any eyebrow hairs400 (36.17)
(PRO measure for nail appearance) Examine your fingernails and toenails. Please rate your fingernails and toenails, as they look today, n (%)
 Nails are not at all damaged (eg, pitted, rough, brittle, split)522 (47.24)
 At least one nail is a little damaged (eg, pitted, rough, brittle, split)303 (27.42)
 At least one nail is moderately damaged (eg, pitted, rough, brittle, split)193 (17.47)
 At least one nail is very damaged (eg, pitted, rough, brittle, split) or you have lost at least one nail87 (7.87)
(Scalp hair assessment PRO) Use mirrors to look at your entire scalp. Please rate the total area of your scalp that is missing hair right now, n (%)
 No missing hair (0% of my scalp is missing hair; I have a full head of hair)234 (21.16)
 A limited area (1%–20% of my scalp is missing hair)284 (25.68)
 A moderate area (21%–49% of my scalp is missing hair)132 (11.93)
 A large area (50%–94% of my scalp is missing hair)109 (9.86)
 Nearly all or all (95%–100% of my scalp is missing hair)347 (31.37)
  • AA, alopecia areata; PRO, patient-reported outcome.