Table 2

Patient’s experience in the process of switching

n (%)
1. Have you shared any concerns you may have with your consultant, specialist nurse, pharmacist or GP?Yes388 (43)
No423 (47)
I didn’t know I could87 (10)
2. Do you feel they have they offered you a satisfactory solution?*†Yes, I was offered a switch back to my original treatment65 (7)
Yes, I was offered a switch to another treatment41 (5)
No139 (15)
Other free comment answers139 (15)
3. Did your consultant, specialist nurse or pharmacist seek your consent to switch from Humira to a biosimilar?Yes359 (40)
No477 (53)
Not sure/can’t remember63 (7)
4. Overall, how satisfied are you with your new biosimilar?‡Very satisfied74 (8)
Satisfied177 (20)
Neither132 (15)
Somewhat satisfied202 (23)
Not at all satisfied307 (34)
  • *The patients who answered ‘yes’ in question 1 (n=388) then proceeded to question 2. Four answers were missing in question 2.

  • †Patients responding to Q2 had the opportunity to do so in the form of free comment. Findings from the free comments and open questions were not formally analysed as a part of the present work.

  • ‡Seven answers were missing in question 4.

  • GP, general practitioner.