Table 1

ARCP outcomes

1Satisfactory progress—achieving progress and the development of competences at the expected rate
2Development of specific competences required—additional training time not required
3Inadequate progress—additional training time required
4Released from training programme—with or without specified competences
5Incomplete evidence presented—additional training time may be required
6Gained all required competences—will be recommended as having completed the training programme (core of specialty) and if in a run-through training programme or higher training programme, will be recommended for award of a CCT or Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration/Certificate of Eligibiltiy for General Practice Registration
7Fixed-term posts (split into 1–4 as above)
8Out of programme (OOP) for clinical experience, research or a career break (OOPE/OOPR/OOPC)
  • Standard outcomes are ARCP outcomes 1, 6 and 7.1. Non-standard outcomes are ARCP outcomes 2, 7.2, 3 and 4. Outcome 5 is awarded when insufficient evidence is presented with a window of 2 weeks for the trainee to provide missing evidence before a standard or non-standard outcome is awarded, Outcome 8 is awarded when out of programme and neither this nor any outcome 7 were included in the analysis.

  • ARCP, Annual Review of Competency Progression; CCT, Certificate of Completion of Training.