Table 1

Identified improvements for sustained use of the ePDA in clinical practice

The ePDA itselfMake ePDA customisable for provider.
Potentially make into flow chart or application.
ePDA is too busy.
Add pictures.
More ePDAs for different situations would enhance applicability.
Introduction and implementation in practiceBest way to use ePDA is unclear.
Important to give clinicians a good briefing about ePDA.
Remind each other to use ePDA in clinical practice.
Hearing positive experiences of colleagues.
Added value of ePDA should be proven.
Time investment to use ePDA in clinical practice should be studied.
Implementation should start by educating medical trainees.
Many shared decision-making initiatives, overview is lacking.
Improve publicity of ePDA towards patients and general practitioners.
How the ePDA is used during consultationePDA should be available/ready to take.
Integration of ePDA into database or electronic patient record.
Discuss ePDA with patient.
Go through it with patient, then give time for patient to read by themselves and then discuss questions.
Patients took ePDA home after discussing, as reference.
  • ePDA, encounter patient decision aid.