Table 1

Agree II instrument domains and statements

1—Scope and purpose
  • The overall objective(s) of the guideline is (are) specifically described.

  • The health question(s) covered by the guideline is (are) specifically described.

  • The population (patients, public, etc) to whom the guideline is meant to apply is specifically described.

2—Stakeholder involvement
  • The guideline development group includes individuals from all relevant professional groups.

  • The views and preferences of the target population (patients, public, etc) have been sought.

  • The target users of the guideline are clearly defined.

3—Rigour of development
  • Systematic methods were used to search for evidence.

  • The criteria for selecting the evidence are clearly described.

  • The strengths and limitations of the body of evidence are clearly described.

  • The methods for formulating the recommendations are clearly described.

  • The health benefits, side effects and risks have been considered in formulating the recommendations.

  • There is an explicit link between the recommendations and the supporting evidence.

  • The guideline has been externally reviewed by experts prior to its publication.

  • A procedure for updating the guideline is provided.

4—Clarity of presentation
  • The recommendations are specific and unambiguous.

  • The different options for management of the condition or health issue are clearly presented.

  • Key recommendations are easily identifiable.

  • The guideline describes facilitators and barriers to its application.

  • The guideline provides advice and/or tools on how the recommendations can be put into practice.

  • The potential resource implications of applying the recommendations have been considered.

  • The guideline presents monitoring and/or auditing criteria.

6—Editorial Independence
  • The views of the funding body have not influenced the content of the guideline.

  • Competing interests of guideline development group members have been recorded and addressed.

Overall guideline Assessment
  • Rate the overall quality of this guideline.

  • I would recommend this guideline for use. (Yes, yes with modifications, no).