Table 1

List of social/environment/economic conditions and events

State financeDateKeyLegal intervention deathsDateKey
State of Illinois without budget—agencies use credit15 July1Eric Garner killed14 July1
Stop gap budget in place16 July2Michael Brown killed14 August2
Budget passed17 July3Freddy Grey killed15 April3
Social servicesDash cam footage of Laquon McDonald’s death released15 November4
One Chicago summer youth programme starts12 June1Policing practice
Cure Violence (street outreach) programme budget cut15 January2Shot detection technology deployed12 January1
Rehab programmes close16 January3Gun buy-back event12 June2
Detox programme closes17 January4Strategic subjects list13 January3
Cure violence programme budget restored17 January5Mass gang member arrest13 January4
40 000 lose Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits17 November6Stop and frisk consent decree16 January5
EducationGun buy-back event1 April6
CPS graduation rate 57%11 June1Gun buy-back event16 October7
CPS teacher strike12 Septemper2Gun buy-back event18 June8
54 CPS schools close13 June3
CPS graduation rate 66%14 June4
IL school disciplinary code revised15 August5
CPS graduation rate 78%17 June6