Table 2

Family and clinical-related characteristics of the study participants in South Gondar zone, 1 August 2020–31 January 2021 (n=432)

VariablesFrequency (n=432)Percentage
Serostatus of sexual partner
Disclosure status
 Not disclosed17741
To whom serostatus disclosed
 Sexual partner17368.2
Stigma and discrimination
Do you use complementary medicine?
Do you use a reminder?
Baseline CD4 count
 ≤500 cells/mm35113.2
 >500 cells/mm333686.8
Treatment regimens
 TDF+3 TC+EFV25960.0
 AZT+3 TC+EFV14333.1
 AZT+3 TC+NVP306.9
 TDF+3 TC+EFV25960.0
WHO clinical disease stage during initiation of ART
 Stage I5011.6
 Stage II35281.5
 Stage III306.9
Recent CD4 count
 ≤500 cells/mm38720.1
 >500 cells/mm334178.9
  • ART, antiretroviral therapy; AZT, Zidovudine; EFV, Efavirenz; NVP, Nevirapine; 3TC, Lamivudine; TDF, Tenofovir.