Table 2

Study profile: infants aged 1–20 days assessed for jaundice and, among eligible neonates, numbers with serum bilirubin measured and with hyperbilirubinaemia, by study location and overall

Study locationOverall
DhakaDelhiChandigarhDurbanKumasiLa Paz
Number assessed for jaundice*4483307004144572932642
Preterm birth423636423010196
% of infants9%11%5%10%7%3%7%
Age group strata
1–6 days26894347611481001018
% of infants60%28%50%15%32%34%39%
7–20 days1802363533533091931624
% of infants40%72%50%85%68%66%61%
Any jaundice observed by study physicians1981483981601471901241
% of assessed44%45%57%39%32%65%47%
Serum bilirubin obtained8111937913271180962
% of those with jaundice41%80%95%91%48%95%78%
Serum bilirubin >260 µmol /L (15 mg/dL)3662391918104278
% of those with bilirubin measured44%52%10%14%25%58%29%
Serum bilirubin >340 µmol /L (20 mg/dL)14269283695
% of those with bilirubin measured17%22%2%2%11%20%10%
  • *By both primary healthcare workers and physicians.